5 Things You Can’t Live Without

Published on 04/26/2020

Thinking of things we cannot live without is really challenging. We usually first go to the most superficial aspects or things we think we can’t live without but in actual fact, if it came down to it we could. It is sometimes often good to think about what we can’t live without because it allows us to be appreciative and grateful for what we do have- challenge those inner thoughts and reflects on the smaller aspects of life that allow us to actualize how much we in fact have!

5 Things You Can’t Live Without

Family And Friends

The most important aspect of our lives is undoubtedly our loved ones’, life would be dull and boring without them. Loved ones support you when you are happy, stand by you when you are down, and every emotion in between. We may take this aspect for granted and we do not realize how these interactions and relationships affect us day-to-day and somewhat give our life meaning.


Sleep is extremely important for brain function, for your energy levels and assist in many different functions with the body overall. Sleep allows for the processing of information and for memories to be solidified in your mind. This consolidation is necessary for your functioning, whether a student or in a work environment sleep is of the utmost importance. Sleep is also incredibly important for weight loss and muscle building.


Well, we most certainly cannot live without food- eating a well-balanced and complete diet is imperative for body functioning, nutrient intake and brain function. Ensuring you are getting a balance of each and every vitamin, mineral, and food group will affect your mood and functioning- these are straight facts and will allow your mind and body stability to reach its full potential.


Hope is important for purpose, purpose is what keeps us going and gives you drive. Finding something that gives you hope is important for your well-being and state of mind.