The Funniest Ways People Deal With Road Rage

Published on 05/23/2017

Picture this: You’re cruising down the highway, radio is blasting, and (of course) you’re belting out every lyric to your favorite song – ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. You turn left to enter the mall’s parking lot, which seems to be crazy full. So, you take a big breath and start circling the lot, praying you’ll find a spot. And just when you think you’ve finally found one, you drive closer only to see that some lovely person, who apparently doesn’t know how to park a car, took up two spots with their Range Rover (which could really use a car wash).

Sounds oh-too familiar, right? But the way in which we deal with these frustrating situations differs, as some drivers have what we like to call ‘road rage’. Road rage on a “good day” can be comical, but catching someone’s “bad day”, can be quite terrifying. To give you a better idea of what both sides look like, we’ve compiled the most hilarious windshield notes. Enjoy!


I think we just found the newest DJ to hit the booth. His single, “Don’t Park Like A Tool” is set to debut in 2010.