Mind-blowing Health Tips That Challenge Everything

Published on July 31, 2019
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Mind-blowing Health Tips That Sound Crazy But True

Mind-blowing Health Tips That Challenge Everything

Ever wonder why your skinniest friend eats more than you? Or what to do to beat the bloat? Even more importantly, how to ensure you achieve the most satisfying nap? Well, what if we told you, that everything you’ve ever been told might not be true. Confused? Mind-blown? Us too! We’re also scratching our heads….Since the day we were born, health experts, parents and teachers alike have all drummed it into our consciousness exactly what we should and shouldn’t do to ensure we stay healthy. We’re always told to eat less to lose weight, exercise more, drink water and don’t eat certain foods before sleep. Well, we’ve actually stumbled on some mind-blowing evidence that manages to counter everything we thought we knew. So naturally we’ve compiled a list of the craziest sounding but truthful health tips we’ve ever found, and can’t wait to share it with you all…

Coffee Naps

While most people agree that coffee is life, it’s usually just a day drink. For most of us, caffeine is our go-to fuel…the energy-booster we need to help us stumble out of bed in the morning and make it through the day. Most experts tell us to never drink coffee before bedtime, some people take it to the next level and never drink coffee after a certain time…and definitely not before a nap. Meanwhile, a new Japanese study has shown that the best kind of nap is a “coffee nap”.  In fact, those who consumed one or two cups and then took a 20 minute nap, felt better and performed better on a computer test than others.  Allen Towfigh, MD, medical director of Neurology & Sleep Medicine confirms the science behind it. You see, if you wake up after a 20-minute nap, this is just before the caffeine kicks in. This helps clears the brain of a molecule called adenosine, which can maximize alertness and “amplify the effects of the nap.”

Eat More To Eat Less

Although most of us are wired to think that it’s better to grab a 100-calorie snack pack of cookies or pretzels, than a high-calorie snack, Amy Goodson, RD, dietitian for Texas Health Ben Hogan Sports Medicine contests how it might make you more hungry. Confused? Us too! Well,according to Goodson, “eating small amounts of carbohydrates does nothing but spike your blood sugar and leave you wanting more carbs.” So, she recommends that we choose a protein-packed snack, like peanut butter with an apple. She reasons how although “they are higher in calories per serving, the protein and fat helps you get full faster and stay full longer—and you end up eating fewer calories overall.”

Drink Water When You Feel Bloated

Now we’ve all been there. That bloated feeling. It creeps up on you and we usually don’t know how to stop it. Usually we just have to wait for it to pass. Well, what if we told you that you should drink water. We know…it sounds crazy. When you’re bloated the thought of drinking anything is that last thing you think you need. Well according to James Lee, MD, gastroenterologist with St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, California, the body needs more water to work more efficiently, especially if you’re on a high fiber diet. Dr Lee explains how “Water mixes with water soluble fiber and makes it into a gel like substance. This affects the motility of the gut and reduces the symptom of bloating.” Drinking water can also relieve bloating if it’s caused by dehydration, where your body clings to the water it does have, and causes you to puff up. Well, now we know!