5 Tips Against Stress In The Morning And How It Can Be Avoided

Published on 07/12/2021

The alarm clock wakes us up with a shrill ring, we press snooze three more times, jump out of bed on the fourth ring in panic, rush into the bathroom, have a coffee while standing and off we go. Do you know that, too? Morning stress is often a constant companion and can even spoil us all day. But stress can actually be avoided quite easily. We will show you how you can use simple tips and tricks to get rid of the stress in the morning and give the day a chance to become a good one.

5 Tips Against Stress In The Morning And How It Can Be Avoided

Prepare Your Bag

You frantically look for your wallet, and you can’t find the car key either. In the car, you realize that you forgot your glasses. There is another way: In order to have less stress in the morning, it is worthwhile to prepare certain things for the next day the evening before. For example, you can prepare your bag completely and write yourself a note with the things that you still have to pack the next day. This trick will make it less likely that you will forget something at home and have to turn around for it.

Go Through Plans

It is also very easy to avoid stress in the morning if you think about tomorrow the evening before. What are the upcoming dates? When should I be where, and how do I get there? With this method, you avoid nasty surprises and can start the new day relaxed and well-prepared.

Be Careful With The Alarm Clock

We like to hit the snooze botton. In the end, we have less time, and we stress ourselves through the morning. A simple trick to avoid this hustle and bustle: Set your alarm clock a few minutes earlier than usual, then you have more time to wake up and style. In general, it is worthwhile to see how long you need in the morning when you are taking things easy. Then you can better calculate the wake-up time.

Prepare Your Outfit

Another tip that you can use to save time in the morning is as follows: Prepare your outfit for the next day the evening before. This saves you long rummaging through the closet and frustration attacks if you cannot find the right combination quickly enough. If you are more of the spontaneous outfit type, you can put together different combinations the evening before. So if you don’t feel like wearing outfit number 1 the next day, you can quickly grab outfit number 2.

Prepare Breakfast

It is also a great stress killer in the morning if you uncover the dishes for breakfast the evening before. Then you only need to make yourself a coffee or tea in the morning, get the jams out of the fridge, and you can take more time for the actual breakfast. Oatmeal fans can of course prepare their favorite creations the evening before and get the finished breakfast out of the fridge in the morning.