The 4 Best Remedies For A Cold And Flu

Published on 12/08/2021

We all have been trough it many times in our lives. Coughs, a running nose, aching limbs- and unfortunately colds cannot be shortened with medication. However, some symptoms of a cold can be relieved with home remedies.

The 4 Best Remedies For A Cold And Flu

Chicken Soup

Fresh chicken soup has it all: it contains the protein cysteine, which, hich, as a component of glutathione, strengthens cells, inhibits inflammation and repels viruses – exactly the right thing for colds and flu. In addition, vital substances such as zinc and calcium strengthen the immune system. Chicken soup is quick and easy to prepare: Put as fresh a soup chicken as possible in a saucepan, cover with water, add salt, pepper and cleaned and cut soup vegetables, bring to the boil once and then simmer for 45 minutes. Then drink the broth hot with a little chicken. If you like, you can of course also add blanched vegetables or soup noodles.

Pineapple Juice For Sore Throat

A sore throat is one of the typical symptoms of the flu – coughing and hoarseness make the throat feel hot and painful to swallow. As a home remedy, you can prepare pineapple and sage juice. The bromelain from the pineapple breaks down the large protein bodies. The lymphatic fluid can flow away better and the swelling in the throat is reduced. The polyphenols contained in sage also have an anti-inflammatory effect by enveloping the viruses and bacteria, rendering them inoperable. For the juice you boil the sage and mix everything with freshly squeezed pineapple juice. Drink sips several times throughout the day.

Milk And Honey For Better Sleep

Actually, you should stay in bed with the flu and the like – but sometimes the symptoms keep you awake. But here, too, there is a tried and tested home remedy that we all know from our childhood days. Warm milk with honey was often the first thing grandma or mom prescribed in the evening before going to bed when a cold started. The milk protein tryptophan is converted into sleep-promoting substances in the brain. It is also known that honey has anti-inflammatory properties. The reason: the bees add an enzyme called glucose oxidase to the honey. It ensures that the sugar in honey is permanently converted into small amounts of hydrogen peroxide – an effective antiseptic.

Foot Bath

A foot bath can help with a cold. But you should start immediately at the first signs. Increasing foot baths improve the blood flow to the nasal mucous membrane, as the blood vessels of the feet and airways are nervously connected to one another. To do this, fill a bowl or basin up to calf height with water at 35 degrees and add some thyme oil. Bathe both feet and gradually add hot water over 15 minutes until it reaches a temperature of 39 to 41 degrees. Then leave your feet in it for about 5 minutes, pull them out, dry them and then quickly lie down either in bed or on the sofa with a warm blanket. This not only helps against a cold, but also ensures your well-being – like maybe the pug hot water bottle or the lavender pillow in our product range.