Tips To Overcome Fear Of Spiders

Published on 06/28/2021

People with arachnophobia are often not taken seriously. This is a real anxiety disorder that can also cause physical reactions. We have solutions and valuable tips for those affected and will tell you everything there is to know about arachnophobia to make relatives aware of how to deal with those affected.

Tips To Overcome Fear Of Spiders


When they see spiders or arachnids, those affected experience panic attacks and feelings of disgust. This often includes trembling of the hands, sweating, dizziness, shortness of breath and a racing heart. The extreme physical reaction then triggers the feeling that the fear is legitimate. In this state, it is difficult for those affected to calm down again and to perceive something else besides their fear.

But what are the reasons for the common fear of spiders?

The Spider Was An Enemy Of Our Ancestors

From the point of view of evolutionary theory, it is possible that our ancestors came into contact with dangerous spider species. So you had a reason to be afraid of poisonous spiders. This fear may have been inherited and more prevalent in some people than others. Nowadays, and especially in western countries, there is no good reason to be afraid of spiders. They are not poisonous in most countries and don’t harm people.

The Spider As A Grotesque Creature Out Of Nowhere

Another explanation is that animals or things that differ greatly from human appearance often create skepticism or fear. We see in spiders a kind of grotesque being with whom we cannot identify and which we cannot classify. This fear of the unknown makes us panic. In addition, spiders move quickly and quietly. They might appear out of nowhere and surprise us. Our parents and friends have a great influence on us. In addition, spiders are often portrayed as frightening in film and television. For example, a child may not be afraid of spiders, but as they get older they may develop a phobia due to various external factors.

Limitations From An Arachnophobia

Those affected rarely seek therapy for arachnophobia. They try to come to terms with their fear, develop compulsions to avoid contact with spiders and eventually get used to the restricted life. Most of those affected are not aware of how much they are losing their quality of life.

Here are some tips for dealing with the fear of spiders:

Confide To Friends And Relatives

Perhaps you’ve managed to hide your arachnophobia quite well so far. Friends and relatives may not know how often you really have to think about spiders. But you have to keep pulling yourself together and trying to pretend. This behavior plagues your psyche even more in the long run and can cause you to withdraw.

Make Sure To Avoid Certain Colors

A study has shown that spiders cannot see some colors and are even attracted to some. Never wear green if you are afraid of spiders. Otherwise, the eight-legged friends could mistake you for plants. On the other hand, according to the results, they cannot see blue tones at all. One reason for this could be the resemblance to heaven. So if you want to avoid contact with spiders as best as possible, you should wear blue clothes or at least avoid green.

Spider Prevention

The house spider is one of the most common ways to sneak into our houses. It is one of the somewhat ‘larger’ representatives of the house spiders and, with its long, hairy legs and easily recognizable body, attracts more attention than many other spiders. But there is a good means of keeping them out: mint. Spray the window and door frames with a 9: 1 mixture of water (9) and mint oil (1). If you repeat this again after two days, the chance of getting rid of the eight-legged friends is even higher. Spiders are particularly fond of carpeted living rooms and bathrooms because they need water to live. Here you should spray the frames particularly carefully.