10 Diseases Causing Food You Must Avoid

Published on 07/25/2019

Every time that we turn on our television we see adds for mesothelioma litigation cases. Then we are prompted to call for more mesothelioma info. It seems like the world is full of stuff waiting to give us health problems and it shouldn’t surprise anyone to hear that food is no different. You are what you eat, in a health sense, and there are certain foods that have no place inside of your diet. We decided to put together a list of 10 disease causing foods that you should avoid incorporating into yoru diet or the diet of anyone you know.

Microwave Popcorn

Heading off our list is the tasty but terrible treat that we’ve all grown to love: microwave popcorn. Microwaved popcorn can be the ultimate and convenient night time snack, but eating it will cost your body more than you realize. The biggest issue with the treat is actually the bag that it comes in. Microwave popcorn bags are lined with all sorts of bad chemicals, including perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). This chemical, along with the others in the bag, can be considered carcinogens. Independent studies have linked these chemicals to the growth of tumors, infertility, as well as a slew of different forms of cancer (liver, testicular, pancreatic). If you want that popcorn treat but you don’t want to deal with the nasty chemicals, opt to make your own on the stove top. A small investment will get you a healthier, tastier treat.

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Soda Pop

At this point in your life you should feel pretty comfortably armed with the knowledge that soda pop is bad for you. Soda is the perfect confluence of all things bad in the kitchen. This carbonated beverage has been thoroughly researched to prove that it links with cancer. The popular form of drink is laden with colorings, excess high fructose corn sugar, chemicals, and more bad stuff like 4-methylimidazole (otherwise known as 4-MI). Soda is also terribly acidic which is bad for your bones and also good for any lurking cancer cells in your body. It’s definitely not a drink that you should ever be imbibing. Many people turn to tea as a way to curb their soda intake. Some even try carbonated water to get the pleasurable fizz without all of the nasty chemical additions.

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White Flour

Any time that you see the word ‘refined’ in the kitchen, turn and throw the product away. Refined white flour is a super common ingredient that can be found in all sorts of processed foods. Refined white flour is a major carbohydrate addition and it has been led to some serious health problems in women. A study done by Cancer Epidemiology found that the regular intake of refined carbs, like those found in refined white flour, led to a 220% increase in breast cancer. This scary statistic can also be applied to other high glycemic junk foods that spike your blood sugar levels.


Farmed Salmon

People always say to add fish to your diet if you want to stay healthy. While fish, in general, can be a great addition to a healthy diet there is one fish causing issues: farmed salmon. Salmon itself is fine but farmed salmon, which makes up over 60% of the salmon eaten in the USA, is what people are getting and that is an issue. Farmed salmon live on a rather unnatural diet that is rich in chemicals, pesticides, carcinogens, and other antibiotics. A problem that exists in all factory farming situation occurs for salmon as well: crowded conditions lead to an increase in disease, health issues, and even a problem called ‘sea lice’. Farmed salmon are also force fed chemicals that turn their skin more pink in color solely for aesthetic reasons. We should also mention the excess of mercury that you can be exposed to.

Farmed Salmon

Fried Food

If it is fried it is probably delicious, but it is also likely very unhealthy. Any time that you are considering adding fried food to a meal, think again. Fried foods are loaded with excess sodium, fats, and empty calories. Not to mention the impact that fried food has on both your weight and your heart. Fried food can be linked directly to high blood pressure, obesity, and all of the related health risks that tend to show themselves in people exhibiting those problems. Overcooked meats also are nutrient deficient, despite their great taste. If you want some great food but don’t want to go all the way toward the fried section of the food chart, opt for ‘roasted’ instead. Roasted chicken can be a great compromise between both flavor and health.


Canned Food

It is hard to shake our head at the prices that canned foods can provide, but maybe we should start thinking with our health instead of our wallet. The issue with most canned foods isn’t typically related to the food themselves, but the container that they are stored with. The cans used to contain food are lined with a chemical called BPA, which stands for bisphenol-A. A study by the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences revealed that BPA can mess with the brain chemistry inside of rats. The FDA has even made note of the issue, which is a surprise, and now they are working toward phasing the chemical out completely. If you want the convenience of canned food without the chemical additions, look into learning how to can your own foods by using glass mason jars. Canning is a popular hobby and a great way to get your hands working in your kitchen. This is one of the best ways to take care of your diet: by overseeing the entire process yourself.


Potato Chips

Get ready to put away your favorite bag of potato chips, at least if you want to avoid health issues in the future. Potato chips are a quick and easy snack but they are also pretty much the equivalent to garbage being shoveled into your body. Not only are chips loaded with fat and calories, but they also contain crazy amounts of sodium which can lead to high blood pressure and a whole slew of other health related issues. Chips also have a ton of preservatives and fake coloring additives in them as well, which is something unnatural for your body and just another difficult thing to process. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, a single ounce of chips per day can cause an average weight gain of two pounds in a single year. Be honest with yourself: are you stopping at a single ounce serving? So skip the treat and opt for dehydrated fruit or veggie chips instead.

Potato Chips

Processed Meat

Processed meat, such as pre packaged lunch meat, bacon, and hot dogs is something you want to be avoiding in your diet if you can. No, it won’t lead to mesothelioma cancer, but the chemical preservatives in the meat can lead to other forms of cancer. Sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate are used to keep the meat looking fresh and tasty, but they also significantly increase the risk of colon cancer. So if you want the healthiest meat possible, look for something that is uncured and made without nitrates. Grass fed sources of meat are the healthiest ways for you to keep them in your diet. The next time you want sandwich meat, go for the deli instead.

Processed Meat

Refined Sugar

We’ll talk a lot about refined sugars before we are all done warning you off of bad foods. If you want to avoid needing to use an online pharmacy, then do your best to knock out any instances of high fructose corn sugar in your diet. HFCS is one of the most loudly disturbing refined sugars in diets today. Research has shown that HFCS actually helps cancer cells to metabolize. You can find high fructose corn sugar in cookies, cakes, sodas, juice, cereals, and just about any other processed food. The prevalence of processed foods, and the rise of the ‘convenient food’ generation, has led to an increase in cancer rates all over America. Not exactly something to be proud of, seeing as you can avoid these foods if you take intimate care of your diet.


Anything ‘Diet’

It is hard enough to stick to a healthy diet when there is so much healthy food out there. Now add on to the problem that food labels are purposely trying to be deceptive. One of the biggest offenders in the food industry are products with ‘diet’ labels. While on the surface diet drinks sound good for you they, in fact, have more going on in them than you think. All diet foods are processed with chemicals and contain an excess of refined sugars. Get familiar with Aspartame and what it can do to your system. None of this is to even mention the level of excessive sodium. Next time that you want a diet drink, reach for some home brewed tea. Simple and healthy.