10 Diseases Causing Food You Must Avoid

Published on July 25, 2019
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Every time that we turn on our television we see adds for mesothelioma litigation cases. Then we are prompted to call for more mesothelioma info. It seems like the world is full of stuff waiting to give us health problems and it shouldn’t surprise anyone to hear that food is no different. You are what you eat, in a health sense, and there are certain foods that have no place inside of your diet. We decided to put together a list of 10 disease causing foods that you should avoid incorporating into yoru diet or the diet of anyone you know.

Microwave Popcorn

Heading off our list is the tasty but terrible treat that we’ve all grown to love: microwave popcorn. Microwaved popcorn can be the ultimate and convenient night time snack, but eating it will cost your body more than you realize. The biggest issue with the treat is actually the bag that it comes in. Microwave popcorn bags are lined with all sorts of bad chemicals, including perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). This chemical, along with the others in the bag, can be considered carcinogens. Independent studies have linked these chemicals to the growth of tumors, infertility, as well as a slew of different forms of cancer (liver, testicular, pancreatic). If you want that popcorn treat but you don’t want to deal with the nasty chemicals, opt to make your own on the stove top. A small investment will get you a healthier, tastier treat.

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