10 Diseases Causing Food You Must Avoid

Published on July 25, 2019
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Soda Pop

At this point in your life you should feel pretty comfortably armed with the knowledge that soda pop is bad for you. Soda is the perfect confluence of all things bad in the kitchen. This carbonated beverage has been thoroughly researched to prove that it links with cancer. The popular form of drink is laden with colorings, excess high fructose corn sugar, chemicals, and more bad stuff like 4-methylimidazole (otherwise known as 4-MI). Soda is also terribly acidic which is bad for your bones and also good for any lurking cancer cells in your body. It’s definitely not a drink that you should ever be imbibing. Many people turn to tea as a way to curb their soda intake. Some even try carbonated water to get the pleasurable fizz without all of the nasty chemical additions.

Soda Revenue Drops In U.S.

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